The Gymnasium, fitness centre and dance school.

The project

Architectural project design to create new commercial premises on an existing building.

The main and most interesting part of the project, which is the entrance and the corridor, from which branches off the various activities. 

The building develops on two floors, the ground floor where there is the entrance, the gym, changing rooms, a bar and a small office; and the first floor where the dance room and an office for physiotherapy. 

On the ground floor, as you enter, we are in front of the reception area and on the right the bar area; to combine the two environments and to avoid creating two separate environments was created a single counter, which as you can see from the pictures, blends the two environments through this black counter, which collapses from the front desk in the spruce parquet, only to emerge and go to farm the bars; even the stools of the bar area were designed to perfectly blend in the kind of complex shapes used in the project. 

After the entrance, you arrive in a hallway that sepa­rates the various rooms, the bathroom for dis­abled, the changing rooms, the staircase to the first floor, the office and the gym room. 

What happens at the entrance, in a sense, is repeated here too, by a bench that sinks into the floor, and then became a desk situated in the office. 

These two signs become the main features of the project. 


Stage of project

Building works completed





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