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Pixel Bussiness Centres

110 Brooker Rd, Waltham Abbey, Essex







3 bedrooms duplex apartment


Work Done

Ground floor interior design and layout reconfiguration.

This family apartment is part of an old brick house, which prevents any struc­tural operation, restricted us to have to adapt the internal reconfiguration to the existing building, being the structure one of the main constraints.

Not only the distribution of the spaces has set itself problematic, but another difficulty was that the spaces were constructed on different heights, being the entrance area particularly dark and low at only 2.5 mt hight.

We chose to use this low light environment, as a TV/ sitting area, with the addition of a two-sided fireplace with the double function, practical and stylistic, also thanks to the new coating titanium zinc proposed for the ceiling and the chimney finishes, which we used to reflect both, the gush of fire and the light coming from the entrance.

The main focus was to reflect the "light", day and night, to create a cheerful and cosy environment. 

The result is a home with a beautiful central space, that was dark and uninviting, now converted and the bright contemporary heart of the house.



Stage of project

Building works completed.